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I began this project on a bit of a whim, but it’s stuck. I like how it makes me feel to end my day by thinking back over the good stuff. 

Tonight, I’m also thinking back over the whole year, remembering


Gotta say, it was a helluva ride. The lows (I’ll start there to get them out of the way so I can leave them in the past), were hard ones. 

Not what one would expect, like death and illness. No, my lows were from an experience in the workplace that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I will never be the same. And yet, good did come of it in the end. 

I found my strength again. I remembered who I was. And I was reminded that I was worthy. 

There are a few people who shall always have a special place in my heart because they stepped up and did the decent thing. Thank you Valerie, Ashley, Al, Ramona, and Tara… for trying. 

But here’s the upside. 

Being set free, I discovered the pure unadulterated joy of being what I want to be. Because of the hours in the day that once again became my own, I have not only published 2 books, but I have readers asking when number 3 is coming out!  

And because of the new life I lead, I can tell them that Daring to Love will be on sale in January.

So. Getting back to GRATITUDE. 

Today. Right at this moment. I am grateful for the people who enjoy reading the books I write, for the family who always have my back, for love, camaraderie, relaxation, and excitement, for a roof over my head and food in my belly, for social media and the friends I have made here, and for the gifts I was born with and have learned to cultivate. 

I am grateful that I am enough, and that I can honestly say, I believe.

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