Morning walks for inspiration.
Morning walks for inspiration.

Kathryn Jane bio photo

My journey through life has been most interesting.

From climbing the corporate ladder, to training racehorses and working in emergency dispatch, my days have rarely been dull or boring. I’ve flown in planes with horses, wrangled hundreds of anxious tourists, and talked more than one person off a ledge. So needless to say, writing fiction comes easy!

As does picking up a paint brush. It all began in high-school when being “locked indoors” made me just a little buggy and taking art classes each semester made school more tolerable. Who knew some of those lessons would come back to me all these years later!

My inspiration…

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m just about finished with Cats, Volume 2. What a wonderful, heartwarming book! I’m going to finish it tonight, then lend it to a friend, who also loves cats, and helps me with some barn cats who have been TNR’d. I’m so hoping for more books like this. Absolutely wonderful!

    1. Thank you!
      I’m so glad you enjoyed the stories! …and yes there are more to come. Volumes #3 and #4 are currently in the works and scheduled for late February and March release.

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