“How’d I miss that?”

Learn the self-editing tricks I wish someone had shared with me, and show off your writing chops by sending out good clean pages.

“Where the heck do I start?”

This introduction into self-publishing will give you a basic understanding of how to get started and what to expect during the process.

“Emergency Preparedness”

Skills for your characters, and for your own life. Information and practical exercises will help you be prepared, even if the emergency is between the pages of a book you’re writing.

New Beginnings and Left Turns

Tips and tricks for handling plot twists you never saw coming, finding a way out of a corner you’ve written yourself into, breathing life into an old ms, or getting started on a new project.

New in 2021! Book now for 2022

“Gratitude is easier than you think!”

Private coaching or a four week online course will set you up for a remarkable experience that will change your life.

We all know gratitude can change our lives, right?

“But trying to keep a gratitude journal can be hard! And boring! And I can never think of anything to be grateful about!”
Sound familiar? LOL Yep, that’s how I felt too…
But desperation drove me to tossing aside the heavy idea of “gratitude journaling,” and slipping into something much simpler, and yep, painless.
Want to know what I did? Do? How it can change your life?
Step into my virtual parlor and let’s have some fun!

New! Book now for 2022

  • January 2022 –
  • “Shoot me now.”

    Learn fantastic techniques for taking the pain out of writing blurbs, product descriptions and query letters.

    “You need one now!”

    Let me show you how to be prepared when opportunity knocks. Building a press kit will save time, energy and aggravation when you’re buying ads, guest blogging, diving into social media, or approaching an agent.

    “PTSD for fiction writers.”

    Learn how to respectfully portray characters dealing with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

    FEBRUARY 2021 – JI

    “Horses for fiction writers.”

    Lessons on basic horsemanship, racing terminolgy, in-depth equine knowledge, critical do’s and don’ts to save you from looking like an idiot and making readers toss your book at a wall.

    “Brilliant Taglines”

    Anyone can write great ad copy if they have the right tools and mindset… so let me help you with that.

    New in 2021! Book now for 2022

    For details, availability, and booking contact:

    authorkathrynjane at hotmail dot ca

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