Courage, heart, and integrity in every story!

Yep, it’s my thing. Along with spreading kindness and joy in the world, and promising all my stories will have happy endings.

The time I spend feeding and socializing feral and discarded cats fills my heart to bursting with the kind of happiness I feel compelled to share. fixathon - mali

And my painted rocks hopefully put smiles on the faces of those who discover them. 006


Gritty, inspiring stories of love and perseverance.

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August 1, 2018


MISSING   ~~~   Intrepid Women #8   (a standalone novel)

Caleb doesn’t do relationships…and Alex won’t settle for anything less.

When people fail to return home after Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc on Texas, human trafficking is suspected and Meyer’s Security is mobilized to find the missing. But things go sideways when one of their planes disappears, and shit suddenly gets real.

After taking a leave and putting months of hard work into becoming a special agent, Veterinarian Alexandra Davis is determined to excel in her new job in spite of a personal history with her new partner.

Caleb Broughton is a highly respected special agent with extraordinary skills, has a passion for extracting people from terrible situations, and does his best work alone. So why is he suddenly paired up with a rookie whose bones he’d like to jump?

Join Alex, Caleb, and the Meyers team in a race to rescue the vulnerable, and a journey of discovery.

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October 04, 2018

KathrynJane_CallistaGoesCountry_CopperMillsSharedWorld_CoverCALLISTA GOES COUNTRY ~~~ A Copper Mills shared world NOVELLA

Falling in love was not on the agenda.

Advertising executive Callista Fontaine has never backed down from a challenge and isn’t about to give in now.

Physiotherapist, Kevin Baker prides himself on getting his patients back up and running—literally—and is more than comfortable with being the guy everyone looks to for help.

When a modern day damsel doesn’t need a knight in shining armor…
Will love still work if they’re standing shoulder to shoulder? And what kind of magic will it take to keep her from going back to the city?

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November 1, 2018

Intrepid Women #9    (a standalone novel)

Kate has a passion for training racehorses, and an ass-kicking desire to survive. Jason will move mountains to  get to her before the bad guy does.

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