January 2017 

kathrynjane_catsvol1_2500pxSix short stories filled with hope, laughter, sacrifice, and survival—along with visits from two special guardians, Quark and Bobbi.

With the permission of TinyKittens, Author Kathryn Jane uses the Happy Forest setting, and a few of its more well-known residents to create wonderful fictional stories about stray and feral cats.

Furry tales with happy endings to make your heart sing.

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February, 2017

   kathrynjane_catsvol2_2500pxWhen the stray and feral cats of his fair city find themselves in various kinds of trouble, Sailor—a guardian who’s already used up his nine lives—steps in to coach and help in whatever way he can. He’s not allowed to change things, exactly, but he’s adept at making cats sit back and consider other options at just the right moment.

Complicated circumstances turn into happy endings.

April, 2017

From shattered dreams to incredible joy.

Soul destroying questions and equally stunning answers have Dusty digging deeper than she ever thought possible, and when she discovers her Self, in an entirely foreign landscape, she begins again, more determined than ever to achieve her lifelong dream.

If you love stories about women who pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get on with living, no matter what the universe tosses in their path, this book is for you. If Kathleen Eagle, and Barbara Samuel are on your auto-buy list, you will love, Into The Sunrise.

 May 2017

kathrynjane_catsvol3_2500pxSix more heartwarming stories about CATS born in the wild, or ending up there through no fault of their own.

Enjoy the adventures of Tony the mysterious dirt-brown tabby, Zak the do-gooder, bashful Brazil, and many more while they scramble their way through adventures and discovery on a ranch inhabited by horses, goats, a llama, and a few wonderful people who help out when times get tough.

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June 2017



Released in 2016

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