kathrynjane_catsvol1_2500pxWelcome to the Happy Forest!

Six short stories filled with hope, laughter, sacrifice, and survival—along with visits from two special guardians, Quark and Bobbi.

Furry tales with happy endings to make your heart sing.



Welcome to the city!

When the stray and feral cats of his fair city find themselves in various kinds of trouble, Sailor—a guardian who’s already used up his nine lives—steps in to help.

Complicated circumstances turn into happy endings.



kathrynjane_catsvol3_2500pxWelcome to the ranch!
Enjoy the adventures of Tony the mysterious dirt-brown tabby, Zak the do-gooder, bashful Brazil, and many more while they scramble their way through adventures and discovery along with horses, goats, a llama, and a few wonderful people who help out when times get tough.

kathrynjane_catsvol4_2500pxWelcome to the track!

In this collection of six short stories, cats living at the racetrack and on the fairgrounds will whisk you off to a world of wonder and discovery. You will fall in love, laugh, and maybe even shed a happy tear.

Get to know the sweethearts, the curmudgeons, and the guardians finding their way to delightful happy endings.





Welcome to the storm!

Love, laughter, and adventure abound while the cats of the river colony battle injury, illness, and a nasty storm.

Cheer for them while they find their way to safety, and cry a happy tear or two when rescue arrives.


Welcome to winter!
Love, laughter, and adventures abound while cats find a way to survive in spite of daunting odds.
Cheer for them while they find their way to safety… and prepare to shed tears during joyful rescues and reunions.


3 thoughts on “CATS

  1. For a warm,heartfelt read this book will fill that place.I am a Tiny Kitten member and can see the feral fur babies and their kits that have been rescued by Tiny Kittens in this book.Great book for children to know that if their pets die that there is a place that they go to called the rainbow bridge and there are guardian angels to help them get there.I recommend a large box of tissues and settle into comfortable chair for you will not put this book down until the last page is done.I have purchased volume 2 and cannot wait until the other volumes come out.Thank you Kathryn Jane

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