Painted Rocks


Pet commissions start at $75 — Contact through Facebook message or authorkatt @ gmail dot com

Pet commissions start at $75 — Contact through Facebook message or gmail to authorkatt

9 thoughts on “Painted Rocks

  1. I found one of your rocks this afternoon, under one of the Expo benches along the promenade in White Rock. Between finding one of your rocks, and learning that Cosmos restaurant has re-opened after a fire in the spring, it was easy to ‘Be Happy!’ at the beach today.

  2. I found one of your rocks outside of Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock sometime before Christmas. I was visiting my mother (she is fine now, thankfully) and two of my children were home for the holidays from UBCO in Kelowna, so I was with my wife and three kids (my entire family which is rare when the kids get older) when I spotted “Max” the dog from the Grinch — staring at me — with the antler on his head — and excellent artwork at that.. I grabbed it and smiled and when we got in the car I turned the light on, showed it to everyone, and quizzed my kids on who it was and what was he doing — since I read that book to them many times, many years ago. When I got the blank stare, my wife said it was from the Grinch and I said it was his dog Max who had to play a reindeer, and had pull the sleigh to to Mount Cumpit to dump it, and all the Christmas presents with it, when his heart suddenly grew three sizes because he heard Christmas taking place without the presents or trimmings — and so he returned to carve the roast beast! So your rock was the center of attention as we drove away from the hospital and it brightened our day — or mine at least — since then my kids and wife accused me of stealing some poor, sick kid’s rock that they lost and may go back and look for — and I felt a bit bad. Then today, I saw it again, and picked it up since I had it placed it in a Christmas decoration my wife was putting away, and noticed the webpage on the back, that I missed before, and low and behold I’m here. Thanks for the smiles! I will direct them here for making me feel like a thief and say “I told you so” — since I said someone maybe left it there for someone to find to brighten their day — and they said there’s no such people in this world… or something like that anyway. You sure proved them wrong!
    PS – My wife fosters pregnant stray cats from the local shelter. We have three cats ourselves — and a rescue dog.
    All the best,

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing that story!!! Now you’ve returned the favor and made me grin. Then I told hubby the story and he’s smiling too!
      Kudos to your family for her hard work with the cats, and Yay that your mother is feeling better.

  3. My son found one of your rocks on the beach in Whiterock during spring break 2018 . I just came across it now.

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