Painted Rocks

Painted rocks are just one more way of promoting kindness and joy–because I believe, to the soles of my feet, that if we all spread Kindness and savor Joy, this world will be a better place.

I paint in the evenings while I listen to audio books, TED talks, Podcasts, etc., and then I leave the finished rocks in odd places for people to find. I hope my efforts will bring smiles to faces, and a bit of warmth to the hearts and souls of strangers as well as those who know me.

If you find one of my rocks–my website is on the back–I’d love to hear about it! Even just to tell me where and when. I’m hoping some folk will also want to spread the kindness and put rocks in  new places, for others to find.

I’ll activate comments on this page so people can let me know about the rocks and their journeys!



Daisy Joy  —  painted September 19th, 2017.

All of these rocks were left in Seattle, in mid October 2017


100_1604I also take some commissions for painted rocks. If you are interested in owning a one of a kind piece of art–a keepsake that will fit in the palm of your hand…  contact me about prices and scheduling here.

(Custom portrait of your pet, plus shipping and handling, runs between $60 and $100)


I’m not able to share the new portraits I’m working on, but here are the other projects I completed today.


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