Intrepid Women Series

          Canva - Intrepid Women collage

Intrepid Women think on their feet, laugh as hard as they cry, love good sweaty sex, don’t understand the appeal of perfection, and best of all, they have secrets.

They’re just as happy eating a loaded hot dog at a ballgame, as they are sipping champagne in the back of a limo.

And their heroes? Well, they’re tough, hot, inherently kind, and occasionally baffled by the women they dare to love.



KathrynJane_DoNotTellMeNo_200BOOK 1

~~  Do Not Tell Me NO  ~~

Escape… is not always an option

Gage is convinced, Cassandra, not so much

E-book  November 2012,

Paperback  July 2013



KathrynJane_TouchMe_HRBOOK 2

~~  Touch Me  ~~

Telepathic abilities are a bitch and a blessing,

just ask Grace and Logan

E-book September 2013

Paperback October 2013



KathrynJane_DaringToLove_200BOOK 3

~~ Daring to Love ~~

…did she dare to believe in second chances?

Gallen did, but Liz had an awful lot to overcome.

E-book January 2014

Paperback March 2014



cover mockup2 Voices_KJaneBOOK 4

~~ Voices ~~

Rachel is desperate to stop a killer

Quinn will do anything to get his wife back

E-book November 30, 2014

Paperback November 30,  2014



KathrynJane_Lies_HRBOOK 5

~~ Lies ~~

Truth may cost Tara everything,

but Jake’s determined to dig through the lies to find the woman he knows is underneath.

E-book October 30, 2015

Paperback November 2015



Cover - KathrynJane-AllSheWanted


~~ All She Wanted ~~

When a one man woman doesn’t care about the odds…

Can Angie have her one? Her only?

What will it take to get the man to Christmas Dinner with her family?

E-book April 2016

Paperback May 2016




Stubborn, self-sufficient women — determined to save themselves, in spite of the meddling men who dare to love them.

2 thoughts on “Intrepid Women Series

  1. Hi,
    I have just purchased Do Not Tell Me No, and I look forward to reading it soon. Maybe, I’ll have time to take a peek on the weekend. Thank you so much for all you’re sharing in the Self-Pub class. I really appreciate it.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

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