Have you ever really thought about telepathy? Is it possible? Or is it something for books and movies?

Well some of my favorite authors include telepathy in their books, so it’s not the least bit surprising it keeps showing up in mine. I absolutely love when characters are communicating silently, and I don’t mean texting!

So, I’ve been forced to actually think about telepathy, even talk about it out loud with the few people who won’t think I’ve completely lost it.

All this thought and conversation has lead me to several questions I often ask myself now that this door to telepathic communication has been opened.

One, if we can communicate by pushing buttons on our phone and putting them alongside our ear, or better still, using voice commands to our phone while driving, why does telepathy seem so far-fetched?

Two, if my thoughts can be read by a machine, simply by moving my mouth and making sound, why can’t my thoughts be sent another way?

Three, if the words I’m thinking can be silently sent to my computer by tapping on plastic keys, and a whole story about imaginary lives is the result, what’s so far-fetched about telepathy?

In conclusion, there is no conclusion. I’ll continue to write romances with and without extra-sensory perception because there’s nothing quite as wonderful as communication of any kind between people in love.

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