I thought all children had nightmares…

As a child I had few possessions because we didn’t have a lot of money. But my parents owned our home, so that made us rich. And my mother had things. Important things like china and silver and a fur coat. Long before I was five I could properly set a table with two forks, two spoons,Continue reading “I thought all children had nightmares…”

Finding My Way

Today I begin a new project. Today I begin talking, publicly, about why my characters are so flawed, and why they have so much to overcome before they find happiness. Why now? Because it’s finally time, and because today I released, INTO THE SUNRISE, a story I’m passionate about. A story about a woman who overcomes enormous obstacles, and learnsContinue reading “Finding My Way”

Daily Gratitude

Gratitude – for a rainy day forcing me to keep my butt in the chair and write, for the gallons of water I drank, and for words on the page that moved me to tears because I adore happy endings. Instead of photos tonight, here is a little bit of today’s progress….      Daisy hadContinue reading “Daily Gratitude”

bare breast exposed #outofcontext #jumpingtoconclusions

There was a recent post on social media that got me thinking about how important context is. How we can so easily jump to the wrong conclusions because of our own perceptions. The post in question was a photo of a woman breast feeding her baby in a restaurant. No biggie, right? Well, not soContinue reading “bare breast exposed #outofcontext #jumpingtoconclusions”