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I so enjoy a hot casserole for breakfast, one chock full of ham, eggs, and cheese! Kathryn Jane shares her recipe and her stories today. Welcome, Kat!

The Meyers Security family is huge, and because their headquarters is the main house on the family ranch, there will often be upwards of ten people for a meal, and everyone pitches in.

One such morning Angie—a helicopter pilot and not exactly the domestic type—shows up early in the kitchen to give Consuelo a hand.

“How can I help?”

“Fill that big blue dish with ham and bread cubes, pour in a dozen eggs whipped with three-quarters of a cup of whole milk, then cover the top with grated cheese and—” Consuelo hesitated. “Better leave off the jalapeno bread crumbs, just in case the little ones want some.”

Angie laughed. “No self-respecting kid will touch a casserole when they know there’s sugar-coated cereal…

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