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#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines about CHRISTMAS to celebrate the holiday. Enjoy!

Christmas Day dawned picture perfect in Woodstock, Vermont, thirty-two degrees with no wind as mid-morning, Jerrod trudged through the snow from his house to his mother’s. Smoke from fireplaces filled the air and tweaked his nose.

Marsha West

Sharon WrayRafe couldn’t remember the last time he celebrated Christmas. For the past five years he’d eaten Christmas dinner in prison, the three years prior to that he’d eaten in Hell.

Sharon Wray
When Next We Meet (work in progress)

TemporarilyInsane_w10205_750 cover“If there is anything women world-wide adore, it’s flowers.”
“Any kind?”
“Any kind—except sprigs of holly. Save that one for Christmas. Nor poison ivy.”

Vicki Batman

As he steered Jill across the ice toward her mother, Silver Bells played over the speakers, and Joel smiled, for he’d already received his Christmas wish.

Jacquie Biggar

51ujnuq5lxlI work extra shifts to send my family…

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