Time, how quickly you fly by!

Here we are in the fall already, and yes, I’m still doing my gratitude journal, but it’s over on facebook.

I end every day with a post, just a few sentences stating what I am grateful for that day. I sleep better by concentrating on the positives. They stop the negative loops that can keep one awake at night and miserable.

And no, the gratitude doesn’t have to be earth shattering. Sometimes I’m simply grateful for having spotted pretty blue flowers living in the ditch alongside the road.

The cool thing is that throughout my day, I take notice of little things now. When I see pretty wildflowers, or a dog with a silly expression on his face, I consciously think, “there’s something to be grateful for.”

This has changed the way I live every day of my life. Negative thoughts are, ha ha, negated by the positive. When someone says, “What crappy weather we’re having, I’m sick to death of rain.” I think, and sometimes say, depending on the company, “Ah, yes, but with all this rain our trees are happy, the rivers are full, or, I don’t have to wash my car.”

This, has become a habit. A wonderful habit I am grateful for, she say’s with a grin.

Now I’m ready to start a new habit. I’m going to blog on a regular basis.

One of my blog topics will be a subject near and dear to my heart. Emergency Preparedness. I’ll share tips and tricks along the way. Stuff that will help you and yours be prepared for those black moments in life we don’t like to think about.

Hopefully, this will help ease your minds as it has mine. Just knowing that I’m ready takes the pressure off.

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