Daily Gratitude

Gratitude – for a glorious and sunny spring day, for a wonderful outing with a bestie, for a garden center bursting with new life to fill me with inspiration, for strong looking zuchinni seedlings now in my pots, for getting my own seeds planted, and for the many birds singing while I puttered in the garden.

Funny, I had one package of peat pots and they were an exact fit for this tote I’d forgotten I had. I love when things work out unexpectedly!

Cherry blossoms are like snow.

Ha ha…will have to pick up some more soil for this guy.

Daily Gratitude

Gratitude – for a group of women who are awesome, incredibly supportive, and freaking phenomenal.

I am never surprised when they reach down and pull out more reserves. They live with guts, determination, and an abundance of love. They handle whatever comes across their path, with grace and dignity. And they look out for each other.

The Tinykittens leaders, are amazing human beings
And their support volunteers are cut from the same cloth.

Daily Gratitude

Gratitude – for a rainy day forcing me to keep my butt in the chair and write, for the gallons of water I drank, and for words on the page that moved me to tears because I adore happy endings.

Instead of photos tonight, here is a little bit of today’s progress….

     Daisy had never been one to dwell on those she’d lost, because there was always a new litter either in her belly or at her side and they were the ones who needed all her time and energy. The past couldn’t be changed, but the future was filled with possibilities….

Why yes, Evolene and Corsica of Tinykittens are definitely my inspiration for Daisy