Please stop

Here’s how to stop the endless loop of sadness playing over and over again in your head. Sadness you’re feeling for the almost 40,000 people evacuated from their homes due to wildfires in our province over the last two weeks. Not knowing if they would ever see their homes again was gut wrenching for them. And someContinue reading “Please stop”


Forest fires are threatening a big chunk of our province, and evacuation orders are real. I’m sharing some of my Emergency Preparedness training with you, in hopes of making things just a bit easier if you’re faced with an evacuation warning–and please feel free to share with others.   TEN BASIC RULES for WHEN YOU RECEIVE AN EVACUATIONContinue reading “EVACUATION – THE FASTEST EXIT OF YOUR LIFE”

Favorite Authors

Originally posted on Word by Word:
by Kathryn Jane Have you ever attended the RWA National Conference? I’ve been twice, RWA2014, and RWA2016, and I won’t be there this year because, well, reality. Between airfare, accommodation, and conference registration it would cost this Canadian about three grand, and that’s almost three month’s rent! But as…

I am not my childhood

Originally posted on Word by Word:
by Kathryn Jane I’ve taken a side trip from my Romantic Suspense series by writing a Women’s Fiction. A novel about a woman of heart, courage and integrity. A woman who could have been irreparably damaged by the man who raised her. But wasn’t. At least not for the…

I thought all children had nightmares…

As a child I had few possessions because we didn’t have a lot of money. But my parents owned our home, so that made us rich. And my mother had things. Important things like china and silver and a fur coat. Long before I was five I could properly set a table with two forks, two spoons,Continue reading “I thought all children had nightmares…”