An Open Letter to Author Sharon Sala

I love this letter to Sharon! Kudos to the writer, and the author who changed many days in her life!

Dear Sharon,

WhippoorwillAs you know, we have never met but I feel as though I have known you for many years.  The reason I feel that way is because many years ago I stopped by my local bookstore one evening on my way home from work looking for something new to read.  I happened to pick up a copy of a book that seemed interesting to me, although I had never heard of the author.  That book was one you had written entitled “Whippoorwill.”

I bought the book, took it home and sat down to read a chapter or two before going to bed.  I read the first sentence and everything around me disappeared.  The town of Lizard Flats sprung to life along with the town’s whore, Leticia Murphy.  I felt her sense of hopelessness and longing in the first paragraph and I immediately hoped, by the end of the…

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Author Sharon Sala

  1. Hi K J,
    I just walked over to her blog and read the entire letter. What a honour! I’ve never read any of her books. In fact, I didn’t know she existed, but now I do, and I look forward to reading Whippoorwill which I’ve just purchased.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G

  2. Hi Pat,
    I’m glad I helped you find a new author! Sharon is a wonderful person and following her on FB has been so refreshing. She’s a down to earth lady who finds her way through life with dignity, and strength.

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