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I was happy publishing Romantic Suspense for more than five years. I wrote about women I’d like to hang out with–kickass women just as comfortable riding in a limo as piloting a helicopter or riding a racehorse. Women who didn’t need a handsome prince to save them.

Then, after being a part of a local cat rescue’s fixathon, I couldn’t help but write about the cats. (The fixathon was one full day of trapping, followed by transporting about thirty wild and wooly felines to be spayed and neutered. Several days later they were all returned to the forest they call home, where volunteers supply food and shelter to those not interested in living with people.)

I was hooked, my imagination ran wild, and I followed my heart.

I’ve now penned over thirty short stories about the adventures of cats living outside, on their own, and surviving in spite of the…

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