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In these times when the world is a mess, when I’m hardly able to write, when I can’t make daily trips to the ocean to get my world back in order and I’m not even painting much, the one thing I can still depend on is music.

Whether I need peace, need simple pleasure, need to wallow in self-pity, or need to boot my butt out of the chair and away from the computer, I can depend on music to do the job for me.

And I’m forever grateful to a wide range of artists–people, simple humans I have never met–who somehow manage to touch my soul.

Among a very long list of favorites are The Pentatonix, Il Divo, Streisand, Adele, Jennifer Nettles, Lady Gaga, Pink, Carole King, Bee Gees, Roberta Flack, Johnny Reid and many more.

Some of my favorite songs are: Sounds of Silence, Hallelujah, Imagine, Believe, Stay…

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  1. Music has gotten me through many hard times. It’s a source of comfort that’s always right there to be tapped. There’s a song to fit any mood, and singing along at the top of my lungs may bother the kitties but it gets the job done!

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