Never Tell Me the Odds—Getting Your Head Right for Success

I lost about three hours worth of work yesterday because I got distracted, caught up in something silly, and wasn’t thinking clearly! But instead of beating myself up for hours and moaning about lost work, I pulled my head out, and got back in the game. Was able to redo the work because I told myself I could… reading Kristen’s blog today made me grin. Especially that one picture!

Kristen Lamb's Blog


I read a lot of books on business, sales, and success. I love motivational books and yes, even self-help. Why? Because so much of success is mental. Study the sports greats and the practice on the field is only one component of their overall performance. The truly great players spend countless hours getting their head right.

And this makes sense if we think about it. Take a horse for example. No matter how large that beast is, man can control the direction that animal goes with ONE thing…controlling the head. Where the head goes the rest will follow.

So I challenge you with this question each and every day…

Where is Your Head?


Granted, there are days, I don’t know if I could find my head. I have been down with a really bad cold for a week and I think I finally found my head in the couch cushions…

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