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#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines about COLD to start the week. Enjoy!

A_Taming_SeasonsmallLike glowing cinders landing in a snow bank, only to be extinguished by the cold, wet snow. Even in the midst of hundreds, probably thousands of people, Zoe felt utterly and truly alone.

Claire Gem

51rkhlhx8zlCursing at the lack of focus in her eyes, he peeled off her frozen clothes, tested the water, and judging it to be only slightly warmer than her skin, eased her in.

Kathryn Jane

I tapped the bar with my empty beer bottle, hoping the cute bartender would make good on her promise and keep the cold ones coming.

S.A. Taylor
Sharp Blades (work in progress)

51wddrbfbgl-_ac_us160_The dampness intensified the cold, permeating to the marrow of her bones. Nevertheless, she trudged on. Lying down and giving up wasn’t an option.

Marsha West

Sharon WrayJuliet’s toes curled against the tile floor, and her warm breath filmed…

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