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#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines about SHOPPING to start your week. Enjoy!

KathrynJane_DanceWithMe_800pxThey toured about a dozen thrift shops, him holding up the ugliest dresses he could find to make her laugh while he painstakingly combed through the racks for one she didn’t hate.

Kathryn Jane

STaylor photoKelli glanced up from the row of toys and straight into her sister’s contorted smile, obviously trying to hide the amusement of this awkward situation.

S.A. Taylor
A Step Too Close  (work in progress)

During the trip to the store, Josh appeared to be auditioning for a part as the romantic interest in her old soap. One time in the frozen food section, he went far enough to steal a kiss, much to the enjoyment of two old ladies passing by.

Marsha West

Sharon WrayCalum had taken Rafe to the tailor where he’d been poked and prodded in a way the Army had never done. And, for…

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