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#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines about DREAMS for a lovely start to your week, enjoy!

ASeasonforKillingBlondes_w9101_750 (2)“Things have been going too well, Gilda. The lottery win. Your new career. This beautiful office. I’ve had one of my dreams, and you know what that means.”

Joanne Guidoccio

Cover - KathrynJane_AllSheWanted_1400pxDid he dare allow himself to be seduced by something he’d never dreamed was a possibility?

Kathryn Jane

Andie craved silence. Other than the rattle of a car that had survived twenty-thousand more miles than she’d dreamed of, that’s exactly what she got.

S.A. Taylor
Shutter (a work in progress)

51wdDRbfbgLEven after drinking a half-bottle of wine for release, dreadful dreams disturbed her sleep. Sometimes she woke up screaming.

Marsha West

Sharon WrayNightmares plagued her nights. And for the past few weeks, Juliet had been obsessed with a heavy feeling in her chest she could only define as doom.

Sharon Wray
When Next We Meet (work in…

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