Best Practices for Building Sales

Great Advice from Toni Anderson!

Kobo Writing Life

By Toni Anderson

I was a little taken aback when asked to write a blog about how I’ve grown my sales on Kobo over the last two years for the simple reason I didn’t do anything special. No magic formula. No voodoo. No massive advertising budget. I just do what I consider to be the basics for any author on any platform.

My sales have grown though—up nearly 6000% between 2013 and 2015, and the fourth quarter of 2015 being up 500% on the first quarter of the same year.

So maybe the basics are worth restating, especially for those new to self-publishing.

Let’s assume you’ve written fantastic stories, had them vigorously edited, packaged with professional, eye-catching covers. The novels are perfectly formatted and you write in a genre that sells (as opposed to a niche market like “How to Grow Vegetables on Mars.” Although I hear the fictionalized version…

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