Proof Reading Services

Professional proof reader — for all things HORSE

Having devoted more years than I care to admit to horses and the racing industry, I am an authority on wording, equipment, feeding, caring for, grooming, training and anything else you can think of related to horses. Best of all, I know how differently horse people talk from one discipline to the next.

A friend recently called me to complain, once again, about how badly an author had butchered the horse portion of a book. From the passages she read out loud, I quickly concluded the poor author was writing with no help but her internet research. The internet has an amazing amount of information, but if you want your story to sound authentic, trust me, you still need a proof reader.

I hear best-selling authors trashed because they apparently don’t know the difference between horse feed and horse bedding. Straw is yellow and meant to be slept on… Hay is the green stuff horses eat, and is not what’s spread for bedding unless nothing else is available, or the horse is possibly being rehabbed for severe malnourishment.

So… I’m here. And my prices are very reasonable because I sincerely want to help my fellow author.

Proof Reading Rates:

Base rate is $1.00 per page… ($5.00 minimum charge)

Horse Content Editing:

Generally, this will be about double the price of a proof read. If you’ve already paid for a proof read, and decide to have me do a full content edit, the proof read money will go toward the edit as I’ll consider it a first pass.

All prices are subject to a sample read of your material. If the horse related portion is only a few pages of your manuscript, I’ll lower the prices. If your story is all about horses and your manuscript will require a great deal of time, I’ll quote you a price before we get started.

2 thoughts on “Proof Reading Services

  1. I was like the author mentioned above, with only my internet research to go on for a scene that featured a pre-purchase exam of a horse. What a difference it made for Kathryn to proofread it and transform what amounted to guesswork into a truly authentic scene! I thought it was proper to describe the horse’s markings as a star and four socks, but a horse person would say the horse has lots of chrome! There were many other instances where I missed the mark, but I wouldn’t have known without Kathryn’s help.

    If you’re unsure about any horse scenes you’ve written, send them to Kathryn! Don’t rely on research because you’ll end up a laughingstock. Have your story authenticated by a pro, and you can rest assured that it’s right!

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