The last thing Tara needs is a nosey man.

The last thing Jake needs is an uptight female with a grumpy cat.

When Meyers Security is hired to find a stolen, multi-million dollar thoroughbred, Jake uses the opportunity to chase down the woman who’s hovered at the edge of his mind for far too long. Tara isn’t his type, yet he can’t shake the image of her long black hair, mysterious dark eyes, and the legs inside those jeans. Then there was her attitude.

Tara has a rep—handles whatever comes her way, and is paid top fees as an international equine escort. Jake is the one man who can get her to talk, but at what price? She has enough information to blow his case out of the water, but she’s been lying so long it feels like the truth.

One horse is missing. Will there be more?

RELEASE: October 30th, 2015.

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