do not tell me No


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This book was a multiple award winner under the working title of 

Undercover Cowboy

Do Not Tell Me No

Trust, is not about being comfortable.

Cassandra, a mature, kick-ass woman, is determined to find her family, in spite of a crazy horse, a mysterious helicopter, a frustrated hero and farcical felons.

She has depended on her instincts and good sense for years. But when her life suddenly goes sideways, she begins to wonder if her judgment is being clouded by the chemistry between her and a sizzling hot mystery man.

Gage’s assignment is to protect the woman, but she’s got him twisted up like a pretzel and second guessing every move he makes.

Cass is ready to climb over anything in her way, but Gage is a master at roadblocks.



Vegas, ten floors above the strip…

“”  Closing my eyes won’t make him less enticing because his gut clenching male scent is lodged in my nostrils.

Keeping my eyes open doesn’t seem to be a better option. He’s right there. Six plus feet of body-humming, male. My face flamed at the sudden slide-show of memories.

Instinct was urging me to jump out of the playground-sized bed and run screaming from the room but I’m buck-naked and it’s a classy hotel. Still, I’d be hard to catch that way.

Or I could drag a six-hundred thread-count sheet from the bed and—  “”


Cover by Kim Killion